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Founded in July 2000 in Athens Greece, Eurowings Aviation & Consulting Ltd. has developed and  provides to Greek and foreign customers a wide range of services from Aviation Training and Time Building to Flying HolidaysAerial PhotographyTechical AssistanceConsulting and I.T. services
In March 2014, a new company, Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS) was founded to gradually take over Eurowings Ltd. aviation training and time building services. 
This Web Site provides information on activities and services of Eurowings Aviation & Consulting Ltd. which together with Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS) now form Eurowings Group of Companies. It also offers links to our other sites, social media and company listings in worldwide directories. 
We thought useful to summarise below important content categories currently available to serve to you as a Quick Guide in your search of respective information. Click on the respective link to transfer to the relevant content source.

Current services falling under Eurowings Aviation & Consulting Ltd. field of activities include:

Supplies & Technical Assistance Services: Supplies of products, parts and materials, maintenance or repair works including engine and propeller overhauls can cover a wide range of needs in General Aviation and other industrial sectors. Users can exploit Eurowings Ltd. cooperations with reputable suppliers and service centers in Europre and third countries to fulfill their needs enjoying quality services in short time and with highly competitive prices.Our new dedicated Web Platform for Supplies ( http://eurowings.supplies ) provides more information on product/service range offered as well as an electronic ordering system for our registered customers (users) of this platform. 

Consulting and I.T. Services: Finally, studies and consulting services have been provided to customers addressing diverse needs such as the location and purchase of a light airplane, the set up of a pilot school or the issue of an EOL in support of air transport operations. Eurowings Ltd.can serve a wide range of customer requirements as for example:

  • Organisation/re-organisation through analysis and modelling of business processes. Specialised software platforms such as Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) allow us to analyse and model business processes in different organizations, simulate their operations in real environment conditions, optimize and deliver SW system to the client. Indicative clients for such systems could be from Ministries and Regional Authorities to Civil Aviation Authorities, airliners, large flight academies, etc.
  • e-Learning Platforms (synchronous and un-synchronous) providing training documentation, tests and exams and interactive communication and support between trainers and trainees.
  • Investment/Business Plans and feasibility studies in a range of sectors including Aviation.
  • Consulting services for the setup of infrastructures (such as public service or business bodies or networks). Usually such services are combined with studies, specialized I.T. systems, project management and evaluation services. In the public sector specialized I.T. systems (Internet based) support communication and transactions between the public authority and citizens. In the business sector I.T. systems are employed to support business to business cooperation.

Aerial Photography: In the case of aerial shooting, Eurowings Ltd. project portfolio over the years have helped us develop specialised knowledge of available technologies and flying platforms and enhanced our capabilites to assist clients on critical issues like aircraft & equipment selection, flight planning, management of supplies of cameras and accessories, etc.

Flying Holidays: Organised jointly with Eurowings ATS such services include a combination of holidays with flight activities integrating introductory programs on light aircraft handling, flight excursions over Greek cultural and natural treasures but also time building packages for those wishing to exploit time during their vacations to gain additional flying experience.

General Information on Eurowings Group

If you seek general information on Eurowings Group of Companies perhaps our Group Web Site (www.eurowings.gr), may be  a better source for you. There you can find brief information on our Group services in Greek and English languages ranging from aviation training and aerial photography to consulting, IT and technical support as well as our infrastructure, projects and cooperations. Strategic importance of Asian and African markets for our services is reflected by company efforts for the establishment of company local representations already operating n Nepal, Cameroon, Iran, Nigeria and shortly in other countries of these regions. A brief prospectus of Group services can also be downloaded  by clicking on the link Download.

Aviation Training Services

Since July 2006 Eurowings Ltd. has been approved by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) to operate as a Registered Facility (GR-RF-015) providing theoretical knowledge instruction and flight training services leading to JAR FCL1 Private Pilot License for single engine aeroplanes (PPL(A) - SE(A) Class) and Night Qualification VFR. In September 2012 Eurowings Ltd. applied to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) for its transition to a Part ORA Approved Training Organisation offering, along with existing services, new ones including training for EASA new Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes), Refresher Training, Pilot Recency, ICAO/EASA License Conversion, Helicopter to Aeroplane Bridge courses and Pilot Mentoring services during structured Time (Hour) Building activities. Eurowings has adopted a Quality & Performance Monitoring System which fully complies with requirements of European regulations regarding air crew training but also covers company operations in other fields. 

Time building programs with mentoring services from experienced Flight Instructors are also offered to Greek and foreign pilots who wish to improve their skills beyond the PPL(A) level or need to obtain additional flying experience required for the continuation of their training at a higher level.

Theoretical Knowledge Training (also known as Ground school)  involves a combination of e- learning courses and classroom instruction. e- learning is supported by Eurowings Ltd through our  Information & Training Support System (ITSS)  based on a Web learning management system (LMS) and custom software applications developed by Eurowings Ltd. Students can study at their preferred location and their own pace all 9 theory subjects of LAPL(A)/PPL(A) syllabus using training content such as theory notes, reference documents, sample examination questions with answers and explanations etc. available in Greek and English languages.

Flight lessons are entirely conducted with Eurowings Ltd. owned four seater Reims Cessna F 172 airplane (180 HP) with increased flight performance and safety characteristics.  For larger groups 2 and 4 seater aircrafts are also used in response to training requirements. Training locations combine effective training with a pleasant stay of trainees and include Messolonghi Airfield as the main flight training base, an uncontrolled airfield facilitating intensified flight training but also cross country flights to major airports nearby. Kerkira International Airport is also being used as an alternative flight training location due to its 24/7 operations, navaids, possibility for navigation flights to nearby airports as well as the opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with procedures of an international airport with heavy airline traffic.

Aviation Training & Time Building services will be gradually taken over by Eurowings ATS, exploiting Eurowings Ltd. infrastructure and expertise but also deploying new resources such as the FNPT I simulator to be acquired as part of Eurowings ATS Investment Plan.

Detailed Information on our Aviation Theoretical & Flight Training  Courses and Services, our aircraft, training locations, enrollment terms and   conditions, etc.  is included in the site of Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS) From time to time we publish promotional offers which mainly relate to our aviation training services. You can see such offers at the site of Eurowings Aviation Training Services (Eurowings ATS) . 

e-Learning Platform

We are proud to operate our own full fledged e-learning platform (http://elearning.eurowings.gr) in support of our aviation training services. This platform provides necessary training content in Greek and English languages such as theory notes, reference materials, maps, self assessment and progress monitoring tests, etc. which is used by our students during their theoretical and flight training. To see a demo operation of our platform use guest for login and guest123 for password.

Knoweledgebase & Ticketing

Our new Knowledgebase & Ticketing service (http://support.eurowings.gr) allows us to respond to specific inquiries or technical assistance requests but also includes a knowledgebase structured in different thematic categories enabling interested users to seek more information on specific subjects.

Press Releases

If you wish to stay tuned with Eurowings latest news then click on our Press Releases page. You can find information on latest developments regarding our projects, cooperations and services.

Social Media

News are also published at Eurowings social media pages in Facebook and Linkedin as well as company blog (http://eurowings-aviation.blogspot.gr/). Access to eurowings.gr, social pages and the blog is possible using the "Links" Menu in this site.You can visit Eurowings Facebook page to see our posts and images or send us your own messages. Company information can also be found at our respective pages at MFB - Muslim - Islamic - Facebook as well as Linkedin.

Marketing - Promotion

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